Your Added Value

Chief Construction is Your Differentiator

Value add, competitive advantage, competitive edge and differentiators are all buzzwords in the industry to prove the value of a company. However, are those differentiators truly unique to that company? Are the claimed differentiators actually something that is a unique offering , or something that the client simply expects as a natural part of doing business with you?

The construction industry is widely regarded as competitive and characterized by a large supply chain. Therefore, general contractors need to sell their services on added-value, rather than just on the lowest price as prices are generally regulated by the supply chain and subcontractors.

Owners who are focused on getting the best product at the best price need to seek out general contractors that truly offer a value that other contractors simply can’t. These values need to go beyond price and schedule. Negotiating a fair price that delivers a product within a reasonable schedule are not competitive advantages, they are expected services. 

At Chief Construction, we promise our clients that we are able to provide them with a high quality build at a fair price within a specified schedule, and much more. Chief Construction has been in business since 1954, and we are focused on four key components that set us apart from our competition.

Customer Relationships

  • Since the beginning, we’ve recognized the vital role our customers have played in our success. That’s why building relationships with them, listening to them, and responding to their needs has been and will continue to be part of our core values.


  • Our safety team works hand in hand with Great Plains Safety and Health Organization located in Kearney, NE. Through our program, we ensure our team and all of the contracted employees are following a rigorous and strict safety policy to uphold all standards while on the job site.

  • Under the direction of Great Plains Safety and Health Organization, programs are developed and implemented to create effective injury prevention safety that reduce or eliminate OSHA fines, medical and legal fees, and workers’ compensation costs. Our safety program and partnership promises to reduce risk on the job site and liability for the owners.

Strength & Stability

  • Chief Construction prides itself on its financial strength and stability as a company. Chief Construction has a strong reputation for timely and complete payment to sub-contractors, giving project owners security from payment disputes and lien protection. This also allows us to more confidently negotiate contracts and deliver more projects on time and at or under budget.


  • Chief Construction is one of 7 divisions representing a diverse array of interests and a skilled workforce of approximately 1,300 employees within Chief Industries. The vertically integrated model allows for many efficiencies between divisions. The “in-house” products from Chief Buildings, Chief Arrowhead Steel Fabricators (structural/miscellaneous steel supplier) and Chief Carriers allow Chief Construction to control the schedule of materials, affordability and builds with greater accuracy.


By focusing on these four key aspects and ensuring that we are doing them well, we are not only adding value to our partnerships but we are helping to ensure our client’s continued growth and profitability. Chief Construction is your stability, safety, control and competitive advantage!