Construction Management

Construction Manager

A project owner typically hires a Construction Manager when they have a larger, more complex project. In this project delivery method, the project owner may have separate contracts for the construction manager, designer, and general contractor. The project owner may rely on the CM to hire and manage the design team and general contractor. In the construction management process the CM can be interfaced at different points throughout the design process. It is best to have them onboard early in the design process to add value via the pre-construction services.

Considerations in using the CM project management method:

  • In the CM process, the design professional services may be under the CM contract but is most likely to be a design services contract directly with the owner.
  • The CM is often involved in the pre and post stages of the design phase. It is advantageous for the CM to be involved in the early stages to review the design, provide value engineering solutions, make system/material recommendations and offer budgetary assistance.
  • The project owner oversees the CM, who collaborates with design services professionals on the design and manages the construction of the project.