Energy Efficient & Technology Rich New Office Space

Our team has recently expanded into a new 15,500 square foot building. This new building is home to three of Chief Inc. entities, Chief Construction, Heartland Electric and Chief Development. The features of this building are specific to the needs, capabilities and image of each business and allows for more effective processes and collaborative discussions. 

The 8 month project for the new office was kicked off by a ground breaking in December of 2015. With dirt being moved in January, the project moved quickly from start to finish, enabling the teams to move in by August 19th.  This condensed project schedule is a testament to the efficient, quality work that the Chief Construction and Heartland Electric teams are capable of producing.   The new office is located adjacent to Highway 30 and is still tied to the main campus of Chief Industries Inc. Chief Construction was in their past building since 1974 which didn’t have the capacity to allow the company to grow and expand to meet client demands. The growth of the company and expanding team were the driving forces behind the decision to build a new facility.

The facility’s unique design serves as an example of what Chief Construction and Heartland Electric are capable of offering to our partners when designing and wiring office and commercial space. The layout for the building reflects many different design components from the architectural features to the lighting and technology.

The building is laid out in a way that immediately welcomes our customers to a central access point for all three different business components (Chief Construction, Heartland Electric and Chief Development). The lobby hosts the office assistant area and large conference room that is fitted with the latest technology to support in-person or videoconference meetings. This space is fitted with higher end finishes and design concepts that flows nicely into the other components of the building.

The Chief Construction office was designed and laid out with a very specific end goal in mind, high collaboration. To create this environment the team designed the space with the following elements:

  • Offices along the exterior walls with many of the offices featuring glass fronts and no doors, encouraging ad-hoc conversations.
  • A neighborhood style work space design throughout the center of the area to promote collaboration.
  • Touch down area close to the north entrance for field personnel to complete computer work and paperwork as needed.
  • Multiple huddle rooms and conference space for internal and external meetings.
    • An executive conference area to hold 12-16 people.
    • Two small meeting rooms located in the core of the building fitting 5-8 people for more intimate group work or meetings with clients.
    • A break room can serve as a large meeting space fitting 10-15 people or as a café style meeting space for one on one conversations.
    • A training room that can host 62 people seated at classroom style tables and 125 in chairs only. This space can be used for special events such as field meetings, training, putting together bid proposals on bid day and special recognition and awards.

Progressive, innovative design can be seen within the structure and interior design as well. Specific structural components include:

  • Walls range from 12’ to 25’ tall.
  • Interior has exposed structure, metal decking ceilings to allow for a modern industrial look.
  • Bright green, dark blue and grey colors paint the inside of the facility and is reflected in the furniture and flooring, providing a vibrant and contemporary look.
  • Large windows within the offices, conference rooms and on the west side of the building allow plenty of natural light to filter into the entire facility.
  • To control noise for the neighborhood style offices, the cubicle walls stand at 4’6”. This allows privacy for one-on-one collaboration, yet still allows for an open dialog amongst the team.
  • The building’s exterior and interior walls also have acoustic properties to limit the amount of noise coming into the private offices.
  • Track lighting in the ceiling has been installed for overhead light, creating a productive, illuminated work environment.

Heartland Electric and Chief Development have similar components through the two separate areas. These area are set apart by the following characteristics:

  • One main office surrounded by cubicles and open office space. Both areas are traditionally seen in offices that incorporate smaller teams.
  • High windows to allow direct light into the space.
  • Office space with acoustical, grid tile ceilings and inset lighting.
  • Private conference room to accommodate 6-8 people.

Chief Industries’ technology team partnered with the most advanced technology vendors to set up this new space with the latest innovations to maximize worktime. This includes multiple LCD screens to use with mediascape tables.  These tables allow for easy one touch control for multiple people to project onto the monitors. More specifically, the front conference room is fitted with a custom designed table that specifically ties into the technology installed. The technology allows the team to project their personal desktops to the monitors with a push of a button.  This room is equipped with video conferencing capabilities when in-person meetings are not feasible. In the large training room, tables are all connected by cables and plug into the wall, allowing for each seat to have an outlet for electronic devices. Efficient use of wiring through the floor to eliminate wires overhead create a functional, yet aesthetically appealing space.  

With a new building, comes new, advanced security. The entrances feature sophisticated keyless entry with access control. This new facility also touts the forward thinking approach that Chief Construction took with the design. The Chief Construction design team chose to expose steel beams, providing the modern, full steel structure concept. The wrapped and encased columns on the inside of the building between walls gives a streamlined finished wall look.  The wiring for the open office concept required installation in the floor to not obstruct the clean lines of the exposed beam ceiling. To increase energy efficiencies due to the open space concept, the roof design incorporated a unique composite system. Vulcraft Metal decking provides an exposed liner finish with four inches of rigid insulation sandwiched between the decking and the standing seam metal roof panels. The exterior wall is a double layer wall system with insulation incorporated within each wall. Additional progressive techniques used in the new building include:

  • Access control
  • Video surveillance
  • LED fixtures
  • Lennox signature series 98% efficiency variable capacity furnace
  • Fire suppression system
  • Water reduction technology for toilets, faucets and urinals.  

This new facility serves as an example to the Midwest community what Chief Construction and Heartland Electric can do in terms of office design to keep innovation, functionality and efficiency top of mind. The modern, progressive building reflects the work and team that are housed within its sophisticated and technology rich walls.